Ottawa-Glandorf Local Schools, the OG Athletic Boosters, and the Stadium Renovation Committee are putting together plans to renovate Titan Stadium into a multi-sports complex.  The goal is to have a facility that will benefit all of our outdoor extracurricular activities and sports, from band, football, cross country, and soccer, to track, baseball, and softball.  

These drawings are only a conceptual design, and have not been finalized.

The project has five main components to address:

  1.   Install a new turf field with markings for football and soccer fields, as well as markings for softball and baseball to use for infield practice/drills. 
  2.   Replace the existing lights, which are failing, with new LED lights.  
  3.   Replace our current sound system and public address system, including new speakers.
  4.   Install a new press box on the home side of the stadium. 
  5.   Renovate and/or replace the existing concession stands to improve work flow, and increase storage.

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  • How much will the project cost, and how much money is the committee attempting to raise?
    • Working with Technicon Design Group and other contractors, the committee estimates we will need to raise approximately $3 million to complete all phases of the project.
    • The Ottawa-Glandorf Athletic Boosters will oversee the finance end of the project, and the Boosters will be the funding source to direct donations to for the project.
    • The Board of Education is also committed to setting aside approximately $30,000 per year for the next 12-15 years to cover the replacement cost of the new turf. This allows the fundraising drive to make this a generational project that will benefit the students and community for the next 25-30 years.  The school district is also providing architectural fees and will cover permit costs.
  • Will the new design close Glendale Avenue, and why not build a new set of bleachers on the current visitor’s side of the stadium?
    • We do not plan to shut down Glendale Avenue at this time, and we are working with the village of Ottawa on a plan to continue to have Glendale Avenue open during the day.
    • The goal is to be able to close the street on game nights to make the area safer for our fans, our band students, and the visiting teams as they cross the street to enter the new sports complex. We may also ask the village to allow us to close the street right before and right after school to control the traffic flow around the school at a very busy time of the day.  We want to have a true single campus, sports complex feel, while also making the space safer for everyone attending events at the stadium and the high school.
    • The cost of building an entirely new home side set of bleachers with restrooms, etc. would significantly increase the cost of the project, we would lose a significant part of our current practice fields, and our fans would have to walk to the other side of the complex to get to their seats.
  • What will happen to the facilities on OG Road?
    • The plan is to continue to host home soccer games on OG Road. The new turf will have markings for soccer, and we will host games at Titan Stadium if there is a need due to weather making the current field unplayable.  In the past we have had to move or reschedule home soccer games due to weather conditions.  Our soccer teams would also use the new turf field for practices, and to prepare for tournament games when the host site has a turf field. 
  • Will two lanes be added to the track?
    • There are no plans to add lanes to the track. There is not enough room to add lanes without moving the visitor side bleachers, and this would significantly increase the cost of the project. 
  • What is the timeline for the project?
    • We would like to have funds committed to cover the cost of the turf in order to allow for installation to begin in the summer of 2022, with games being played on the new turf this fall. This is an aggressive timeline, but it is a goal we think we can reach if things go well.  Getting the turf installation scheduled this spring will allow the project to offset approximately $200,000 in additional costs due to the increase of material costs if we were to wait until 2023. 
    • The Ottawa-Glandorf Athletic Boosters started the project off with a $100,000 commitment, and the Boosters and the Stadium Renovation Committee already have two other funding commitments of $100,000 each.
    • The plan is to move forward with the conceptual design in phases, so that as the money is raised, we are able to upgrade the next portion of the project. We will continue to work on fundraising and design work until the project is complete, and our hope is to be finished in the next 3-5 years. 
    • The next phase after the turf is installed is to replace the current metal halide lights at the stadium with LED lights.
  • Can I set up donations through an IRA or stock options?
    • You will be able to work with the First National Bank and your investment professionals to set up donations to the Stadium Renovation Committee/Athletic Booster’s account to take advantage of tax deferment opportunities.
  • Can I work with my employer to set up matching donations?
    • We welcome and encourage you to work with your employer if they have a matching donation program. The committee members are also wiling to set up a presentation for your employer to discuss the project. 
  • Am I able to make monthly payments to cover our donation?
    • Yes, you are able to make payments through the Titan Stadium Renovation donor ACH form. Please go to the school website, click on the ACH link for the form.  If you print and complete the form, please mail it to Sarah Klausing at:  First National Bank
    • You are also able to make payroll deductions through your employer.  To set this up please have your employer's payroll department contact Sarah Klausing at the First National Bank for the account and routing numbers needed to set up a payroll deduction.

855 North Locust Street

Ottawa, OH 45875

You may also contact Sarah Klausing at First National Bank at 419-523-2236 if you have additional questions, or want to work with your employer to set up a direct payroll deduction.